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  • ​The 3 things you must do to win business with big companies
  • 5 tips on building long term business by helping your customer overcome a downturn
  • ​5 key techniques for successfully negotiating with big corporate clients
  • 5 key ways to deliver customer value and get more revenue
  • Discover why “disruption” is the #1 friend to your business
  • Discover the secret to positioning your products in the right way and in the right place within the supply chain
  • How to ensure that your business can easily and profitably handle now opportunities
  • Save time, money and frustration by successfully navigating the decision making process
  • Discover opportunities created for your business by Global Competition
  • How to insulate your business from upcoming business changes
  • Better understand how to position your business to deliver on key customer drivers
  • How to offer your product and service for greater profit and revenue
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Now only $497
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I'm Randall Dobbins Author, Founder and Creator of the Business Partner Blueprint. For over 15 years I have trained hundreds of successful diverse companies in the art of landing large corporate contracts.  As a buyer, seller, and minority business owner, I've spent years perfecting processes for designing, creating, negotiating, implementing and managing strategic partnerships for the world's largest corporations, including Shell Oil Company, Westinghouse Electric Supply Company, and my own company Dobbins International.   

Business Partner Blueprint is the world’s #1 small business accelerator delivering corporate supply chain education and training to women and/or minority business owners around the world looking to build legacy businesses that give back.

Now, I've created a framework to help business  owners (like you) land massive corporate contracts that can transform your company. Get started here.

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